Vegan City Guide: Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands and home to Europe’s largest port. The city is also known for its impressive skyline and the Erasmus Bridge. Some interesting things to explore are the Markthal, the Kubus (Cube) houses and the Euromast Tower. Rotterdam has 4 fully vegan restaurants and 43 restaurants that are vegan friendly, so you won’t have to look far to find a nice plant based meal.

My Travel Itinerary: Luxembourg City Day Trip

Luxembourg is one of those countries that’s easily overlooked when traveling through Europe, but after visiting this country for a few days, I believe that it deserves more attention. Even only one day in its capital city will be a nice addition to your travels. Here are a few sights you should definitely check out when visiting Luxembourg city.

Vegan City Guide: Eindhoven

Eindhoven is the 5th largest city in the Netherlands (by population). The city is known for its light art and is also home to Holland’s second largest airport. Some interesting things to explore are the Strijp-S area, the St. Catharina church, the Philips museum, the Stadswandelpark and the Prehistoric Village. Eindhoven only has one fully vegan restaurant, but there are many other places that offer vegan options.

Tatra Mountains Hiking Trails: Kościeliska Valley

The Kościeliska Valley hiking trail is one of the most popular trails in the Tatra Mountains and for good reason. It’s one of the Tatras’ easiest hikes yet still offers beautiful views. Perfect for a little getaway into nature on your next trip to the south of Poland.

Vegan City Guide: Aachen

Aachen is a German city, close to the border with Belgium and The Netherlands. A beautiful city that is worth a visit and where you will find several places to grab a tasty vegan meal.

Vegan City Guide: Zakopane

Zakopane is a mountain resort in the south of Poland, at the base of the Tatra Mountains. The town has no vegan restaurants, but it’s still possible to eat delicious vegan meals here. Perfect after a long hike in the mountains.

Vegan City Guide: Warsaw

One could spend seven weeks in Warsaw, discovering a different vegan restaurant every day. Poland’s capital city is one of the best cities in Europe to explore for vegans. It also has the best vegan restaurant I’ve been to so far!

Vegan City Guide: Krakow

Krakow is the second largest city of Poland (and also one of the oldest). This city has been the biggest surprise for me so far in terms of vegan options. You will find some great vegan restaurants both in the city center and the Jewish quarter.

Budget Travel: 42 Free Things In Sydney

Australia is not exactly known as a cheap country. Things such as food and accommodation can be quite expensive, but there's also good news for people who are planning to visit the land down under. There are heaps of free things to do!  Here's a list of 42 free things...

Homesickness & Culture Shock: Tips For Au Pairs

Homesickness and culture shock are real and can be incredibly hard for au pairs, especially in the beginning. Not everyone experiences this, but most au pairs do at some level and they often underestimate it. Of course anyone can experience homesickness and culture...

Vegan City Guide: Sydney

Australia is one of the best destinations for vegans to explore and the same goes for its capital city Sydney. There is a large selection of vegan restaurants to choose from and also a wide variety of different types of foods (from pizza to Thai food to “fish” and chips).

How To Meet New People During Your Au Pair Time

So you’ve left your home country and your family and friends and you’ve arrived in a totally new country, diving in a completely new culture. You’ve probably spend the first few days getting used to your new surroundings, talking to your host parents, playing with...

Sydney Hiking Trails: Bondi To Coogee

One of the best things about Sydney is that it offers many beautiful coastal walks all around the city.  The Bondi to Coogee Walk was the first coastal walk I did after I moved here. It is probably one of the most famous in Sydney and not without reason. Every part of...

Vegan Or Vegetarian And Looking For An Au Pair Family?

Edit: If you're looking for a vegan/vegetarian au pair or host family have a look at my Facebook group and leave a message! I've been getting some questions from vegans who want to become au pairs and are looking for a vegan host family. So I figured I'll share my...

Sydney Hiking Trails: The Karloo Track

During the last few months in Australia I’ve developed a new found love for hiking. I’ve always loved going for long walks in nature, but I never went really far from home and always to the same place. But Sydney.. oh the Sydney area is a great place to explore! And...

Free City Tours In Sydney & Melbourne

Australia’s probably one of the most expensive countries in the world. After living here for almost 5 months I’m still not used to the cost of things like food and accommodation. But what I absolutely love about exploring this country is that so many things are free!...

How To Find The Right Au Pair Family

After your paperwork and interview are done and you’re accepted into the au pair program, your agency will most likely start looking for a suitable host family for you to go to. Most agencies these days have an online database which allows you to look at family...

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