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If I’m looking for a nice and affordable hotel or appartment is my website of choosing. As a frequent traveler you can join the Genius program which gives you 10% off on many of the listed properties. It also gives you extra perks such as late check outs and free airport shuttles. It has an easy to use app that shows your bookings, which you can use to check in on arrival.

AirBnB is perfect if you’re looking for that homey feeling. I find that AirBnB’s usually have more character, because its interior is often designed and decorated by locals. In many places it’s also a cheaper option than staying in a hotel or appartment. I also like to have a kitchen available to prepare vegan and gluten-free food for on the road. 


In some places I rather use hostels than hotels, mostly for budget reasons, like in Australia. I do enjoy a bit of privacy but even in most hostels you can find private rooms. So far I’ve only used Hostelworld to book hostels and I’ve always had good experiences. If you’re traveling alone and are looking to socialize, hostels are a great way to meet new people.


If you’re looking to stay somewhere for free and are not too picky on where you want to go then housesitting might be a good option for you. Especially if you’re available for longer periods of time. It usually includes taking care of pets, so you need to be responsible when it comes to this. But who wouldn’t want a vegan taking care of their pets, right? ;)

I discovered this website over a year ago and I’ve been using it to book airport shuttles and tours or excursions. I’ve used it in Poland to find tours to Auschwitz and the salt mines. I also like their app. Anything to not have to print out a bunch of reservations is a winner in my book. 

While I love reading paper travel guides before going on a trip, I never actually take them with me. They’re usually too heavy and since I like to travel light I need a different way to get my information when I’m traveling. Other travel blogs are very helpful for this, but I also always check TripAdvisor for first hand tips and recommendations.

Skyscanner is my go-to website to find cheap flights. I book about 70% of my flights through this website. It has an easy-to-use search function. One of my favorite things is to search with an “open” destination. Perfect for when you’re not quite sure where to go or you’re just looking for the cheapest options in a certain time period. Another handy tool is the multible destinations search option.

I’ve only recently discovered this website through Nerd Nomads’ blog and I love its interface so much that I had to mention it here. It takes searching for flights to a whole new level. It’s not only easy to use, but the website also has a beautiful design, which is a big plus for me.

I’ve tried several (free and paid) templates over the last few years, but the ones from Elegant Themes are by far my favorite out there, especially the Divi template which I use for this website. Divi has made it so easy for me to construct nice looking pages and posts without having to know any code whatsoever. I’m a very visual person so their Visual Divi Builder is a perfect tool for me to use.

I don’t actually sell my own products, but since I regularly get asked which travel gear I use that is vegan (friendly), I thought it would be a good idea to create a shopping page where you can find good quality vegan friendly travel gear. For this I use woo commerce, because it offers a way for me to have a shopping page on my own website, but still use affiliate marketing (so you actually buy from another website).

I have just started using MailChimp as I’ve never actually offered a newsletter subscription on my blog before. So far it has been fairly easy to set up. I will write more about this service once I’ve written and sent out several newsletters. 

From creating logo’s to designing social media images and writing entire e-books. I have used Canva on numerous occassions, for example I’m now using it to write my Vegan Travel Guide e-book and to create several images that I’ve used in posts on Facebook and Pinterest. I’ve done all of this for free too! Canva also has a nice premium option with a few extra perks, which I might start using in the future.

I personally have never used this website, but I love the concept so I just had to mention it here. It really sounds like something I would use for future travels. It is a veg version of AirBnB, where vegan and vegetarian hosts offer a room (or even an entire home/appartment) to stay in and/or a kitchen to rent by the hour to prepare your vegan meals. An awesome way to meet likeminded people. 

Happy Cow has made traveling a whole lot easier for vegans around the world. While I prefer reading other blogs for first hand experiences and photos, Happy Cow is perfect for a first glance at the amount and the location of the vegan meal options in your area. When I’m at home I prefer using their website, but when I’m traveling their app is also really handy (they have a free – limited – version and a paid version).

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links on this page are affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, I earn a small commission if you make a purchase. While small, it’s highly appreciated! It’s a win-win for everybody: you get the best deals and I can continue to run this blog and share valuable information with my readers. I recommend the companies listed above because I use them myself and love them. Thanks!

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