During the last few months in Australia I’ve developed a new found love for hiking. I’ve always loved going for long walks in nature, but I never went really far from home and always to the same place. But Sydney.. oh the Sydney area is a great place to explore! And I’m just starting to discover some of the most amazing places.

Like the Royal National Park, about an hour drive south from the city.


I did the shorter Karloo Track to Karloo Pools with the host family. Lots of rocks to climb, but the whole experience is absolutely worth it. I loved the walk down to the pools. We saw some beautiful trees and rock carvings and spotted a few black cockatoos, that are found nowhere else in the world but in Australia.


I went here a few weeks ago so this is in the middle of the winter. When we got to the pools the sun was mostly behind the trees. I’m sure it looks even more stunning if you go during spring/summer time. These pools would be beautiful to swim in on a warm sunny day.


Crossing the water near the pools was a bit of a challenge since it was a bit slippery (what you don’t see on this photo is that my pants were all wet from slipping a few seconds earlier). But hey, at least it wasn’t boring! We only walked the first half of the Karloo Track though and then went back again. Next time I’ll have to walk further to see the Uloola Falls.

How to get to the start of the track?

We took the car and parked it near Heathcote train station, close to the start of the track. Of course you can also take the train here. This will take about 43 minutes from the city (Central Station). The Karloo track goes all the way from Heathcote station to Karloo Pools and Uloola Falls. You can then walk back to Heathcote station, but from Uloola Falls it might be easier and faster to walk further to Waterfalls station and take the train from there. From Heathcote to Waterfall is about 11km one way and takes about 4 to 5 hours.

  • It’s also possible to do a two-day overnight camping trip. Camping is possible near Uloola Falls (bookings required).
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