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Mountain Bar

Veg friendly restaurant with vegan and gluten-free options

I was in Zakopane for two days and had the same meal both days because it was the only meal that was “bez glutenowe” (gluten free). They call it Penne Mashup. But they also have vegan tortillas and burgers (not gluten free).

The Penne Mashup was simple, but delicious and a perfect meal after a long hike up the mountains. They used a bit of oil and herbs as the dressing, threw in some sundried tomatoes (one can never have enough of that) and topped it with some arugula and fresh tomatoes. 

The restaurant itself is fairly small. There are only four or five tables, but we didn’t need to make reservations (we were there in May). The restaurant is actually called Bar Górski, but they seem to use the English name Mountain Bar for non-Polish speaking visitors. Most of the employees speak very basic (or no) English and they don’t have an English menu. They do get extra points for serving a meal that’s both vegan and gluten free in such a small town though!

Click here for their Polish menu


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